General Terms

The General Terms apply to classroom or distance learning courses. Some stipulations, however, are only intended for selected course offers. The course enrolment forms may contain additional conditions for a specific course.

The course fee according to the current price list, is payable ten days upon receipt of the invoice, but latest before the commencement of the course. In case of a cancellation of the enrolment up to four weeks before the starting date or a postponement up to two weeks before the starting date, the applicant is entitled to a compensation of 15 per cent of the total course fee. Shorter notice entitles the applicant to full compensation. No claim for reimbursement is accepted for a premature termination of the course. Further information will be given by the administration.

All courseware, be it on CD/DVD or on the server, or by means of written manuals or courseware, is delivered "as is", and is not guaranteed to be free from errors or defects. Horizon makes no express or implied warranty, and disclaims any express or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Horizon's entire liability shall be limited to replacing defective courseware. In no event shall Horizon be liable to students or any other person for direct, indirect, incidental, consquential or other damages from tort, contract, strict liability or other theory arising out of any claim that the data are defective, unreliable, unsafe, or fail to conform with any government or industry standard or regulation, or faulty instruction.

All classroom lessons, Presence Learning Seminars (including kick-offs), and Self Study Lessons arranged by Horizon, must be attended by the student. No examinations may be performed without the satisfactory attendance or course and seminars. Applicable EASA Part-FCL rules apply, as well as the Horizon Regulations for theoretical courses.
Distance Learning Courses require internet access and email address.

The student is granted access to the E-Learning Campus (ELC) during his entire course time span. The user is fully responsible for his personal login and password. The password must be kept confidential at all times. Use of the login and/or password through third parties is expressly forbidden. The data and all accompanying documentation, if any, are owned by Horizon and are protected by copyright. Any reproduction by the student in whole or part is strictly prohibited, without the written consent of Horizon.
The student is responsible for performing all homework, by Horizon, instructors, or Tele Tutors. Homework and additional excercises must be completed in time, anytime upon the school's request.

Upon completion of the course, the student is obliged to perform an internal examination, according to the Horizon Regulations, which are handed out to the students upon course commencement. FOCA examinations on the PPL level are possible in German, French, Italian, and English, whereas instruction by Horizon for CPL, IR and ATPL is available for English examinations only.
Prior to CPL, IR and ATPL courses, a successfully performed Aptitude Test (Entry Assessment), according to EASA Part-FCL and the internal Horizon regulations, is required. Sound knowledge of English is a prerequisite for all courses. On principle, classroom instruction is conducted in German, unless otherwise stated by Horizon.
Published course and internal exam dates, etc., are binding whenever possible, subject to changements due to important reasons or unforeseen circumstances.

Horizon reserves the right to postpone the beginning of a classroom course in case of insufficient participation. Payments already made by the student will be reimbursed upon the student's request or credited for a later start. Presence Learning Seminars of the Distance Learning Courses are held subject to sufficient participants.

Although every effort is undertaken to offer continuous data supply over the Internet, Horizon can not be held responsible for any interruption of such supply through the ELP, the information material, parts of it, or the online testing site, or for any damage or loss of studying time that may occur through the non-availability of the online services. Online tests are evaluated automatically, therefore, Horizon is not responsible for the accuracy of evaluation or tests, nor for the compatibility of the online testing platform with the student's equipment or internet connection. Full functionality of the ELP can not be guaranteed with all browsers and operating systems.

With the consent to these General Terms, the user declares that he fully understands the requirements for the courses and tests provided on the course platform. The user further declares, that all testing is performed solely by himself. Failure to comply with the regulations herein could lead to non-admission to the examinations or to the refusal of further access to this platform at Horizon's discretion. Distance Learning Courses are restricted to a maximum allowable course duration. The maximum allowable duration is stated in the course enrolment forms. Extensions are possible, providing EASA Part-FCL rules are met, and for an additional monthly fee.

The question data bases (QDB) can not be considered as complete, or without errors. They do not in every case provide a representative profile for an official examination. A 'common sense approach' is necessary when working with the questionnaires. Every effort has been made to provide useful material. However, Horizon undertakes no responsibility for the accuracy of questions and/or answers. The QDB is constantly be updated, and any copying of the QDB is strictly forbidden.
With his enrolment, the student expressly agrees with the General Terms.

Regulations Theoretical Training Version 10-13

1) Absences
A maximum of 10 % of the entire course duration (Classroom or Presence Learning Seminars) may be
missed. With absences of more than 10 % in a subject, Horizon reserves the right to restrict or constraint
examination admission.

2) Admission to Examinations
Decision for the admission to an exam will be undertaken by Horizon’s executive body. Prior to every official examination (also in case of retakes or postponement) internal exams are to be performed.
Passing grades are set to 80 %.
In general, admission to retakes is only possible after appropriate re-training. Re-training may consist (upon Horizon’s discretion) of additional classroom attendance, attendance of a Presence Learning Seminar (level-specific), a Distance Learning Course in the respective subjects, or in any combination considered adequate. Without prejudice, re-training may be free. This also applies expressly to "Special Conversion Offer" courses.
The rules of FCL.025 (a)(2)&(3) apply with regard to admission to examinations, where applicable.

3) Internal Exams
Internal exams are to be performed in-house by means of written test papers (level PPL) or SimEx computerized exams (CPL, ATPL, IR). Published SimEx regulations on the e-learning platform apply. Internal exams during advancement from CPL/CPL-IR to ATPL may be performed online, upon Horizon's discretion.

4) Distance Learning Courses
All rules as set out in the course enrolment form apply. In principle, students are free to choose the suitable Presence Learning Seminar. Horizon reserves the right to assign a Presence Learning Seminar when the maximum allowable course duration is reached. A maximum allowable course duration is set out, published on the course enrolment form and on the e-learning platform.

5) Additional regulations
Intermediate exams may be ordered any time by Horizon during a course.
All relevant rules according to EASA Part FCL and any additional stipulations of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation are applicable to these regulations.
These regulations are an integral part of the General Terms.

Court of jurisdiction: Bülach

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