Tailored Training

Many training elements may be offered online via internet by means of our e-learning platforms. Crews are in a position to access testing worldwide on an individual basis, without re-location or loss of working hours. All results are readily available to the operator and may be integrated in a quality assurance system.


The scope of the tailored recurrent training has an influence on the duration.

ATPL Training Horizon Swiss Flight Academy

Location & On-site training

Unless otherwise specified, the training takes place at the training facilities of Horizon Swiss Flight Academy in Kloten, Switzerland. Additionally our comprehensive Distance Learning Plattform allows your crew to train around the world.

Ausbildung zum Linienpilot


The tailored training is designed for the specific needs of AOC holders. All our operator trainings are customized according to the operators' needs. Please contact us directly for your specific course offer.

Ron Teichmann, Accountable Manager
Contact me for your individual course offer
Ron Teichmann


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