Embraer EMB 135/145 C/FAM

This course is designed for individuals with a Part 66 C license, or any individual interested in the technical layout of the aircraft (in the familiarization layout). The content of this course complies with the relevant EASA Part 147 provisions.

Embraer Maintenance Training Legacy


The course takes 5 training days.

Embraer Maintenance Training Legacy

Location & On-site training

Unless otherwise specified, the course is provided at the facilities of Horizon Swiss Flight Academy in Kloten, Switzerland for the theoretical part.

Upon request, a course can be provided as well at the customers location. Acceptable training rooms and infrastructure must be provided by the customer for the course. For on-site training travel and accommodation expenses will be charged to the customer.

Embraer Maintenance Training Legacy


We offer complete courses for organizations or individual enrolments on existing courses. We also offer customized courses for organizations tailored to your needs. Course locations and customizations can have an influence on the course prices. Please contact us directly for your specific course offer.

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Additional Course Information

  • Participants
    A maximum of 18 participants for this course will be allowed.
  • Training Material
    The manuals and training materials will be provided in electronic format only. The candidates are required to bring suitable computer hardware in order to access the training material. The computer hardware should ideally be a laptop, or tablet computer, with USB ports for access and wifi capable. We recommend a minimum screen size of 15”.
  • Course Language
    The course and all training material is in English language.
  • Examination and Certificates
    C-Course: An Examination will be administered at the end of the course. Passing grade is 75%. After successful completion a Certificate of Recognition will be issued.

    FAM-Course: After successful completion a Certificate of Attendance will be issued.
Course range
Embraer EMB135/145 B1/B2 Practical

Practical Training B1/B2 for Embraer EMB135/145 series, incl. Embraer Legacy at Baden Airpark.


Embraer EMB135/145 Refresher or Continuation

Refresher or Continuation Course for Embraer EMB135/145 series


Embraer EMB135/145 C/FAM

C/FAM course for Embraer EMB135/145 series, incl. Embraer Legacy at Baden Airpark,


Embraer EMB135/145 B1/B2 Theory

Theoratical Training B1/B2 for Embraer EMB135/145 series, incl. Embraer Legacy: Virtual-Kloten-On Site


Embraer EMB135/145 Engine Run Up & Taxi Course

Engine Run Up & Taxi Course for Embraer EMB135/145 series


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