"All-in-One" with ForeFlight

Since January 2019, Horizon has been using ForeFlight from Boeing for hands-on flight training. ForeFlight is an "all-in-one" planning and flight monitoring app that is applied to the iPads of our instructors and students.

Flight training has always required the preparation of navigation and ATC flight plans, fuel, weight and centre of gravity calculations, the correct filing and closing of ATC flight plans and many other planning details which are also known in training under the umbrella term "flight planning".

Originally, many of these topics were covered individually and each took a lot of time. To provide our students with a single tool that can handle all of these tasks in one process, Horizon has chosen ForeFlight.

ForeFlight's features are extremely comprehensive, to list just a few: 
•    Route planning (lateral and vertical)
•    Performance calculation (takeoff, enroute, landing)
•    Creation of Operation Flight Plans
•    And so much more
Horizon students receive a discount on the ForeFlight subscription in their training contract, as well as a heavily discounted version of all VFR and IFR Jeppesen charts of Europe.

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