Alpaviation & Ecoflight - Bristell B23

New season, new aircraft. We are happy to announce the partial renewal and addition to the fleets of our partner flight schools Alpaviation and Ecoflight! 

Alpaviation in Bern replaced their fleet of AT3 during the spring with the Bristell B23. Ecoflight in Mollis is also supplementing their existing fleet of Breezers B600 with a B23 by the end of April. Following are the specifications of the B23:  

- Basic Empty Weight: ~448 kg
- Maximum Takeoff Weight: 750 kg
- Usable Fuel: 118 L
- Engine: Rotax 912S with 100 HP and Rotax 915iS with 141 HP (only HB-KTM at Ecoflight)
- Cruise Speed: ~100 knots (~118 knots for HB-KTM)
- Equipment: Garmin G3X, PFD, MFD, controllable pitch propeller, rescue parachute

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