Document Digitization - Webmanuals

Simple and accessible anytime, anywhere. The most important documents in one place.

Living in a digital age, where the use of paper is gradually decreasing and more attention is given to innovative computer technology, we are proud to say that we belong to those who incorporate digitization in their processes.

Together with Webmanuals, a documentation management system, we make it possible for our students and flight instructors to work quickly and efficiently with their new document management platform.
Furthermore, our cadets are not only expected to understand the complex regulatory documentation but must also be able to handle a sophisticated document management tool.

As such, Webmanuals is not only a tool but also a part of the training itself.

Webmanuals is used by KLM, Icelandair, Air Malta, Air Baltic, GlobeAir, REGA, HORIZON Swiss Flight Academy and further 300 companies .

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