Class of 2021

This year we also had the honour to celebrate our graduates' success. The airline cadets completed their training with us by the end of 2020 to the middle of 2021. 

The event took place at the observation deck at Zurich Airport. Why we chose this location? Because we wanted to remind them what they have been working hard for over the past few years: to get into the cockpit, whether airliner, business aviation, cargo or elsewhere. 
Zurich Airport is a door to the world, and the licence they obtained is the key to it.

After inspiring speeches from our CEO and Head of Training, we ceremoniously and proudly handed over the graduation certificates to our fourteen airline cadets.  
It was a cosy get-together with partners, friends and family. It was no doubt also a nice reunion among fellow pilots. 
In the end, when everyone exited through the door, it was clearly not a goodbye, but a see you soon. 

We wish all graduates the best on their journey!

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