From contactless to more contact

During the peak of the pandemic, it was not only contactless at the checkout but also between people. 

However, this isolation has been gradually dissolving. We are therefore proud to announce that we can look back on a dynamic, interactive and personal period since the summer. From the beginning of September until the end of October, we have been at exhibitions and events in different cantons. Not only have we performed according to the 3G rules but we also presented Horizon with 3E euphoria, energy and excitement at the long-awaited events:

> Ostschweizerische Bildungs-Ausstellung (OBA) – Olma, St. Gallen: 2.-5. September 
Together with our partners, Aero-Club Ostschweiz, we planted some aviation seeds at the job fair "OBA" in St. Gallen to promote the growth of the pilots of tomorrow. We saw a lot of young, sparkling, determined eyes and dreamy over-the-cloud thoughts during these 4 days.

> 25 Jahre Hunterverein Jubilee - Mollis, Glarus: 4. September
Finally, an airshow! Together with our partner flight school Ecoflight, we also had the opportunity to be present at the 25th anniversary Hunterverein-Jubilee in Mollis this year. There was a lot of adrenalin, passion and enthusiasm and we had great exchanges with the visitors. 

> Sitterdorf Experience Days – Sitterdorf, Thurgau: 11./12. September
We had the pleasure to attend the Sitterdorf Experience Days with AeroClub Ostschweiz where we held a competition. One of the prizes was to win a 30-minute DA42 simulator session. 

> Air and Space Days – Museum of Transport, Luzern: 15.-17. October
It was an honour to represent our Swiss flight academy in Switzerland's most visited museum in Lucerne. Together with our partner ELITE Simulation Solutions AG, we could offer visitors an informative as well as an interactive experience with the DA42 simulator.

After so many events, the year 2021 is already coming to an end... However, we aren’t finished with events just yet. For an ultimate wrap-up of the event season, we would like to organise a crowning finale: “Save the date 20. November 2021!”

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