Flying Greener - Helvetic Airways' E2 Fleet

Today, climate change has gained enormous significance, leading to an increase in demand for more sustainable aircraft. Consequently, new problems demand innovative solutions. 
No sooner said than done: as a response to the environmental development, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer “Embraer” developed the E-Jet E2 family. 
To contribute to a sustainable future, our sister and partner Helvetic Airways has decided to own one of the most modern and sustainable fleet in Europe for short- and medium-haul flights (in addition to the four Embraer E190-E1): 
•    8x Embraer E190-E2
•    4x Embraer E195-E2
Two weeks ago, Horizon was invited to the inauguration flight of the new E195-E2 of our partner and sister Helvetic Airways. We were able to admire the future modern workplace of our airline cadets. We flew from Zurich to Bern-Belp and then to EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse and were able to experience take-off, cruise and landings to and at the various Swiss airports. The E195-E2 did not show a modest performance, on the contrary, it clearly expressed its generosity. 

We are proud to be part of our partner's next sustainable step, because this is the future of our airline cadets.

We congratulate our sister and partner Helvetic Airways on their new fleet, and we are looking forward to seeing our airline cadets soon living their dream in the cockpit of the E2.

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