Stay Current – First impressions

In our September 2020 Newsletter, we have introduced our stay current programme for the first time.
The goal of this programme is for students to maintain currency of their MEP/IR ratings.

Stay Current: for the renewal of the ratings we offer, for example, training in the simulator, an IR Proficiency Check, additional FNPT hours and more.

Our alumni, Florian, who successfully graduated last year in Spring 2020, shares his impressions of his recently completed Stay Current training:

"After completing my CPL/MEP/IR training in spring 2020, in the middle of the first Corona wave, I had to think about how to maintain the flying skills I learnt. In my view, with regard to future employment, it was important, especially not to unlearn the IFR Procedures. Horizon's Stay Current offer allows regular sessions in the simulator under the supervision of an instructor, in which these IFR procedures can be trained in a targeted and time-saving manner. Personal wishes are taken into account and having fun alsomakes up a vast part of the overall experience. In addition to the sessions in the DA42 simulator, 10 hours are also included in the Elite Trainer. With the Elite Trainer, one can prepare oneself individually, i.e. without flight instructor, for simulator sessions and also do follow up trainings after simulator sessions. This Elite Trainer is now also equipped with a G1000, making it the perfect complement to the DA42 Simulator. Furthermore, the time for the IR Proficiency Check in the simulator and 1.5 hours in the real aircraft for the annual renewal of the Multi Engine Class Rating is included in the package. For me, however, the biggest advantage of this package is that it allows me to maintain contact with my fellow students and the instructors. We often completed our sessions in the SIM together and were thus able to benefit twice. This regular exchange means a lot to me and motivates me a lot, especially during these times."

- Florian, Horizon SFA Graduate Spring 2020

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